Sound Design Course 14 Hours (Online 121)


The Synthesis and Sampling Course contains 14 hours of Online 121 learning that will take place over Zoom. Software Required: Ableton Live 11/12 or Logic Pro Non Essential Software: Serum (Xfer Records), Vital (Vital Audio), FM8 (NI), Diva (u-he) A good stable internet connection is required to get the best experience. If you have any…

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Create your sound.

Utilise the power of synthesisers and samplers to create unique and expressive instruments in this 14 hour Online Sound Design Course. 

Creating your own sounds and being able to edit complex presets provides that extra level of control over how your music sounds and the tone created.

This course will give you the knowledge to use any synthesiser to create bass, pads, plucks, stabs, sound effects and drums. This will allow you to also customise presets to suit your track and add automation and expression to bring your track to life. 

Sampling can also be used to create unique instruments as audio files can contain imperfections that synthesisers don’t create by default.

These imperfections can add extra character to your instruments like the sound of a vinyl crackle or tape hiss. You will also learn how to create drum samples from samples and recordings. 

Creating unique instruments will help your tracks stand out whilst giving you extra control to create articulated, expressive instruments. 

Course Goal: Create and modify complex synthesiser and sampler patches to enhance your tracks.

Lesson Plan

1 – Subtractive Synthesis Pt.1

An introduction to how synthesisers work and subtractive synthesis including the Oscillator, Filter and Envelope sections. 

2 – Subtractive Synthesis Pt.2

Envelope Modulation, LFOs and how to make classic synth sounds suited to subtractive synthesis. 

3 – FM Synthesis

Introduction to FM synthesis, Harmonic frequencies, Frequency Modulation and creation of FM synth example patches. 

4 – Wavetable Synthesis

Introduction to Wavetable Synthesis, Warp Modes, Unison, Advanced Modulation and creation of Wavetable synth example patches. 

5 – Drum Synthesis

Learn how to synthesise complex drum sounds and percussion to create unique drum patterns including kicks, snares, claps and hats. 

6 – Creative Sampling Drums

Using recordings, found sound and online samples to create unique and characterful drum kits. 

7 – Creative Sampling Instruments

Creating unique expressive instruments from samples and found sound files using audio effects and processing. 

Additional Software

Ableton Live 11/12 and Logic Pro contain all the plugins required for this course but there are some third party plugins that may be shown: Diva (u-he), FM8 (NI), Serum (Xfer Records), Vital (Vital Audio), Pro Q3 (Fab Filter)