Logic Pro X Crash Course – 16 Hours (Online 121)


The Logic Pro Crash Course contains 16 hours of Online 121 learning that will take place over Zoom. Software Required: Logic Pro A good stable internet connection is required to get the best experience. If you have any questions please get in contact before booking.

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Learn Logic Pro.

Learn how to create professional music in Logic Pro using programmed MIDI instruments, audio editing and audio effects with no music production or music experience required. 

This course is designed to teach you how to use Logic Pro to create professional sounding music from start to finish. During the 16 hours you will progress from learning about simple MIDI programming and audio editing, through to being able to use audio effects to mix and master your  music. Logic Pro comes with a host of instruments, audio samples, audio effects and tools to help you create music in a genre of music. 

If you are a singer songwriter looking to record instruments and vocals, then Logic Pro is the choice for you as has features such as Drummer tracks and smart tempo to help you get ideas down quickly, along with excellent features such as Take Folders and Flex Pitch editing to help you get that perfect recording.

Logic Pro also caters to electronic music production with a large library of samples, synthesisers and high quality audio effects such as Retro Synth, Quick Sampler and their Vintage EQ collection to name a few.

Your course will be adapted depending on what you are looking to achieve and what genre of music you are looking to produce so if you have any questions please get in contact below. 

Logic Pro is only available on Apple Mac OS and does come with a 90 day free trial.

If you are still unsure, why not try our free taster course below where you can explore Ableton with a tutor and get a feel to see what you would like.

Course Goal: Create a 3 minute song in Logic Pro with multiple programmed instruments.

Lesson Plan

1 – Logic Overview, Drums Pt.1

An overview of Logic Pro followed with some basic Midi drum programming using pattern regions. 

2 – Drum programming Pt.2

A continuation from the previous lesson exploring drum programming, sound selection, genre specific patterns and tempos. 

3 – Instrument Programming and Midi FX

Melodic instrument programming with some basic music theory and an introduction to Midi FX. 

4 – Audio tracks and recording

Audio tracks and how they differ from Midi including importing and recording audio files with time stretching and basic editing.  

5 – Audio effects and Automation

An exploration of the stock audio effects that come with your DAW and learning how to use automation to create flow within your songs. 

6 – Song Analysis and Structure

Analysing a track in your genre to understand how to arrange and structure a piece of music.

7 – Simple Mixing Pt.1

A quick look at mixing using volume and EQ to help your instruments blend together and sound more professional.

8 – Simple Mixing Pt.2 + Exporting

How to use sends and returns to add reverb and delay effects, plus limiting and exporting your finished piece.